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Best Sofa Cum Bed Design at Low Price in Lahore

Best Sofa Cum Bed Design at Low Price in Lahore



An extremely gorgeous sofa cum bed design of three-seater, the Camden sofa cum bed will be the very first priority after you will know about its features, let’s talk about it but first, tell you something interesting is that sofa works not just as your primary seating option but also as an elegant statement of the piece. Again this cum bed is available with a full warranty and available with different design and color you can also customize it online with your choice of color.


This three-seater sofa cum bed transforms easily from sofa to bed and in only three simple steps. It is very easy to pull out, easy to put back, and make an instant guest room whenever you need it. Or simply enjoy your book or TV show in better comport. Let’s talk about its few properties where its SKU Code: FNCOM2426, also it is available with storage and its material is engineered wood. Always follow the recommended weight limit for products.

Camden Sofa Bed



Our second hot recommendation is the salford storage sofa cum bed, living room by day, guest bedroom by night. It has a very gorgeous soft backrest that easily shifts into bed mode thanks to its click-clack mechanism and most important things it’s available with hidden storage with open wide space. And storage space below is also can be used for extra pillows and bed linen. Its properties included the pinewood frame and fabric upholstery. Please refer to images for dimension details only use for indoor use.


Here are some care instructions in case you pre-order online so always use coasters or mats while keeping hot, cold, and wet materials on the surface. Also color and polish can fade due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. And avoid sitting on the arms of the sofa and chairs as it exerts excess pressure and can cause premature wear. This product is available with a 10 to 15-year warranty and a 1-month warranty against any manufacturing defects.




  1. Zehnlush Sofa Cum Bed/ Chesterfield Design

These Sofa cum beds are available with different no of color depending on your choice and this sofa is a smart way of saving up space and setting up well-interior spaces in your living room. Made using excellent quality fabric and velvet with our solid wood. This product is available with the guaranteed durability. The cover is made of dope-dyed gray or with the different colors of fabric or velvet cloth in the polyester. It is a durable fabric or velvet with a wood-like feel a warm look and a two-toned effect. The cover is easy to keep clean since it is removable and machine washable.

full sleep Sofa Cum Bed Chesterfield Design

Come and fell in love. The plush zehnlush sofa cum bed is easy to adore. It blends classic mid-century details with a chic color or can be a different color depending on your choice to create a unique design. Please refer to images for dimension detail attached below only used for indoor only.

full sleep Sofa Cum Bed


  1. Classic Design Sofa Cum Bed

This Classic Design Sofa Cum Bed comfy sofa also has a separate pocket space for extra space and design durability. Induces yawns. In a good way, plush and comfy, the classic design is every insomniac dream come true. Make with the pure kicker pinewood with foam cushioning and fabric/velvet upholstery.

Classic Design Sofa Cum Bed in pakistan

It also available nationwide with free delivery in the selected cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad. It is also available with a warranted card. 10- Year limited warranted. Read about the terms in the card available with the form. The sofa frame is made up of solid wood and the cross rail is with steel with the epoxy powder coating. The back fabric is totally 100% polyester available in different colors. Please refer to the images for dimension details.

Sofa Cum Beb strcuture


  1. Unique SofaCum Bed Living Design

The most thing about this design is the cover is easy to clean as it is removable and can be machine washed. 10-years limited warranty. Read about the terms in the limited warranty brochure you can find out on the warranty card. All the cotton in our products comes from more sustainable sources. This means that the cotton is either recycled or grown with less water and fewer fertilizers or fewer pesticides while increasing profit margins for the farmers.

Unique SofaCum Bed Living Design

Modern gray any color fabric sofa set with the button work. This corner sofa is the with the foam work. The seat of this seats is more plain and comfy than others. Back of this sofa set with warranty foam inside. The best quality work and simple corner sofa set with the best work. You can contact our company representative or visit our website at

old SofaCum Bed Living Design




Best Sofa Cum Bed Design at Low Price in Lahore

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