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The Best Sofas under 60k That People (Actually) Love

We identified the best affordable sofas, from deep-set sleeper sofas to Cloud couch knockoffs (that actually feel spensi).

We’ve reached a fork in our vision quest because we’re old enough to afford a bed frame but not wealthy enough to own a Dyson vacuum cleaner. We want everything good, but we also don’t want to waste our hard-earned money on inanimate items when we could be saving for Gloucestershire’s annual cheese-rolling tournament. Finding the perfect couch falls somewhere in the midst of those priorities, which is especially important now that we’re preparing our homes for summer entertaining.

Unfortunately, couches can be one of your home’s most expensive pieces of furniture. (Which is fair, given that they’re usually the center of the activity where we pass out every night.) But, being your resident lairds of shopping and deals, deals, deals, we also refuse to believe that a couch that doesn’t suck costs thousands of dollars. A scratch-resistant couch shouldn’t break the bank, and a sleeper sofa shouldn’t be out of reach if you only have a few hundred dollars to invest.

In this day and age of cuckoo fruit pricing and stomach-dropping markups, we believe you shouldn’t have to spend more than 60,000. You may get a cheap sofa that looks rich, feels comfortable, and won’t lose its shape if you seek hard enough. Such investigation is more difficult said than done, but that’s why we’re here sport.

We’ve identified the greatest inexpensive sofas (that look pricier than they are) for around 60k, whether you’re looking for a budget Cloud couch substitute or a sultry mid-century modern settee. Whether you’re searching for a short-term seating option that doesn’t feel like corrugated cardboard or the kind of name-brand couch you’ll slumber on for years, these are sofas that everyone from your mother to your Tinder date would approve of.

We understand—you’ve been selling on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist for a long time. But it takes time, and you’ve got more important things to do this summer than respond to strange email conversations with Randy. Maqbool is Pak-based online furniture and home decor marketplace that’s like nirvana for thrifty 30-somethings who’ve finally saved up enough money/gotten a full-time job and have a newfound desire to invest in high-quality vintage furniture that’s been professionally cleaned. (We stress the word “PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED.”) Thanks to a customizable delivery method, you know precisely what you’re getting (expect specific dimensions on everything) and when you’ll get it. You can save up to 90% on the companies that appear on your Pinterest boards.

The best affordable Cloud couch dupes

Restoration Hardware’s Cloud couch has become one of the most sought furniture pieces among celebrities in recent years due to its comfortable yet breezy look. (It’s also available on Kaiyo for a few thousand dollars less.) Eggshell-colored pillows, linen textiles, and an overall minimalistic style are the best ways to get that vibe on a budget.


Customers claim the medium-firm cushions on this best-selling cream couch on Amazon pack a surprising amount of cuddling room into medium-firm cushions. There are plenty of comfy white couches on Kaiyo, but this one from CORT is 81 percent off and offers the kind of generous space that the Cloud couch is known for, thanks to its 39-inch deep cushions. Since “nap time” was a part of the school, curling up in the fetal position has never looked so appealing.

The best affordable mid-century modern couches

On Amazon, you’ll find dupes of Marcel Breuer’s renowned Wassily chair as well as chrome lights that will dangle over your living room like it’s 1967. This 4.5-star-rated, dark-walnut-finished Baxton Studio couch is more of a settee than a sleeper sofa, but that doesn’t make it any less adaptable. At roughly $300, it’s a great deal for some stylish foyer seating, a loveseat for a smaller apartment, or extra seating for your guests to get comfy in your living room this one is a half couch, half chair (sofa?? ), but call it what it is: your new pedestal. This mini-couch serves the same purpose as a spinning, circular 1960s bed, but it’s much easier to decorate at home. On Wayfair, it has a 4.7-star average review, is 34% off, and boasts a timeless faux-leather finish. People will believe you’re far more well-read than you actually are if you pair it with a shag rug and a Noguchi light.

The best affordable sectional

Because you’re essentially asking for more couches, the best sectionals and modular couches tend to be on the pricey side—which is understandable, but unforgivable for our price-cutting sensibilities. Over 1,800 Amazon reviews have given this Rivet brand sectional a 4.5-star average rating, with one customer stating, “I absolutely love this couch.” There are no claw marks on it, thus it appears to be cat-proof. It’s pleasantly firm, and it’s just right for me.”

The best affordable sleeper sofa

We didn’t say we were lonely; we just stated we were cheap. When the parents come to town and we’re self-exiled to the living room, we need a couch worthy of our jabronis’ adorable, weary heads when they crash after a night out. The Perdue sofa has a 4.5-star average rating and over 17,000 reviews (so, a whole village) on Wayfair, and it’s currently on sale for 42% off in the golden colorway. One customer says, “We absolutely love our sleeper sofa.” “It’s sleek, elegant, and comfortable. “I love the velvet sheen.”

We’re pretty sure we saw this Wayfair loveseat with a 4.7-star rating on What We do. The velvet emerald cushions would be ideal as a foyer love seat or a “personality couch” for your living room in a place with brick or dark wood. You should keep an expensive-looking house robe hung over its side at all times.